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Two of my portfolio items (SHERF and SPR) are listed in light blue (vs. using the normal dark blue): why?

blackcanyon 3 years ago in Website updated by SA Michael S. Lipkin 3 years ago 3

I'm aware SHERF (a Canadian company, TSE: S) is not easily traded now, as they own some cobalt operations in Cuba, and Trump *apparently* elected to stop its trading on (some?) US exchanges (although I haven't totally run this assessment to ground).  I just also found that SPR is also listed in light blue and it's an American company that should be in good standing on NASDAQ.  I can't seem to find any reason to explain your light blue designation.

Under review

Hi. We're not aware of any such distinction in our system nor can we see it in testing. Can you send a screen shot?

Hi. If you visited the ticker page, it will be marked as a light blue color in your portfolio.

Sorry, but we're not seeing it.