Include accusers name when removing/deleting comment posts.

trader_xx 4 years ago updated by LarryMelman 4 years ago 1

When SeekingAlpha notifies users that their comments/posts have been removed/deleted, they should include the name of the accuser who reported the posts. Many rule abiding comments are being removed due to reports from disgruntled individuals who abuse the system to "silence" dissent.

Man oh man, wouldn't that be a great feature to have.  I have been suspended multiple times and I'm pretty sure it's from the same two or three people reporting my comments until some magic number is reached.  Moderation always favors the reporter, I've had perfectly innocuous comments deleted for totally bogus reasons (and no, they weren't deleted due to other comments around me being deleted too).  It seems like moderation is totally automated and no investigation is done.