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The five-day curve

Nigrut 4 years ago in iPad updated 4 years ago 2

How come the x-axis for the five-day curve is going from 10 to 12, then on from there to 1 all the way to 10 again. How come it isn’t reflecting days, but apparently hours? 

Under review


Can you tell us which page / stock you are looking at? And are you on the app or website?

Thanks for looking into this. It’s only in the app, not if I go to your website as I used to do. I used to click in your emails to me, which opened the website, basically the way the website looks like, when you open it in safari on the URL line. But since I recently loaded your app to the desktop on my iPad, what now happens, when I click in your emails to me, instead of the website, my click opens up the app (which has a completely different GUI). And, as I said, it’s only in the app that the x-axis for the five-day curve seems to be measured in hours instead of the last five days. And, as you asked, it’s for all securities. Thank you so much. Nick.