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Distracting Ads

jmrathbun 4 years ago updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 4 years ago 3

Ads are one thing, but ads that flash, placed anywhere on a page, are too distracting to be tolerated - the visual equivalent of gunshots in the next room! The one that came at the top of today's Wall Street Breakfast is a prime example.

Under review

Can you please send along a screenshot of the offending ad(s) so we can investigate further and block these ads if warranted?


I'd love to send a screenie but the darn thing has been replaced on the Wall Street Breakfast e-mail I received three days ago. Taking a look behind the ad, it appears to have been served by "liveintent". I recall being unable to capture the image or any meaningful data at the time I wrote my note. All I can recall is that the lower-right corner of the ad (which was at the top of the page right next to your lead story) had an obnoxious button that flashed from green to red and back with a frequency of about once per second -- and it drove me around the bend!

Seems like it was likely part of a backfill solution - not something we sold directly. We'll keep a lookout for it but if you do come across it again and can screencap, that will help us identify it with 100% certainty.