PRO membership required to read articles

mdenton51 4 years ago in Marketplace updated by LostOkie51 3 weeks ago 6

I keep getting yellow banners at the bottom of articles that say I must have a PRO membership before I can read the article. I have greatly enjoyed reading the articles on Seeking Alpha the past several years. I have learned a great deal about investing and traps to watch out for. I am nearing retirement  and truly value the investing insight provided by Seeking Alpha contributors. I am playing catch-up with my retirement savings and any insight is much appreciated. However, I can't afford to pay the fee required to become a PRO member. The contributors have provided these articles freely to the many readers and I do not believe that the Seeking Alpha gate keepers have the right to charge for the privilege of reading them. I will be looking for other resources to continue my investing education. I do request that the Seeking Alpha gate keepers reconsider the new policy of charging to read any articles regardless of how old they are.

Even the most novice contributor requires a "PRO" subscription, how do I cancel my free subscription...clearly I'm paying too much.


I am also moving away from SA for the same reason. Any tips for alternative websites?


I am quite disappointed in the rapidly declining number of free articles on SA. I've been reading and commenting for years and enjoyed the ideas and discussions on different subjects and companies. The free flow of ideas was very stimulating, but now almost every article requires an SA Marketplace paid subscription. Too bad!


I add my voice.  In particular, sending me emails with links to non-free articles without ANY indication that they are non-free until I click on them is a very distasteful way to operate, and I'm gone for good.

I agree with pretty much ALL of the above. I've been reading SA for years and sadly I've witnessed it go down down down-hill for all those years. And now they expect me to pay for this?? REALLY?? Not on your pathetic little Leftist shit-rag life, SA. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.