LIN is showing on Alpha it pàys 00 dividends. This is not accurate.

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Under review

Looking into it.


Hi, here's the feedback from our research  department...

Linde has approved its first dividend after merger but not declared it yet (https://www.gasworld.com/linde-plc-approves-dividend-in-fourth-quarter-2018/2015822.article).
Once they do with an official date, we will cover it and they get a divined yield. For now, their last dividend was by Praxair (before the merger) (https://seekingalpha.com/news/3373938-praxair-declares-0_825-dividend).

Here is some more info:

LIN - is Linde Rg, valoren: 37962490, it was listed recently on all markets (11/01/2018), and has no dividends paid yet. - it is domiciled in Ireland. It is listed as LIN in US markets. 

LNAGF - Is Linde AG, valoren 340045, domiciled in Germany. I believe these two are different companies. It is listed as LIN on a few European markets, but not in the US.