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Heisenberg spam

Abe Raxas 3 years ago updated by Y2Kplus15 3 years ago 9

Hey guys, any chance you can get Heisenberg to drop his subscription/paywall/advertising/spamming posts here in Stock Talks for us bums who use library computers?


Not saying Heisenberg doesn't add value for folks who like macro theories.  Just that I can't read anything he posts because there is a pay wall or it is a subscription landing page, in violation of SA terms of use.

Under review

Can you please share an example of this, and we will address promptly. 



I do not know if this affecting iPhone users  I use an HP desktop.  Nine out of ten of Heisenberg's posts on Stock Talks take me to a page with the following notice:

"Subscribe or log in to read the rest of this content."

This usually follows a tease of the first paragraph of the article. Such as this latest:

"On Tuesday, Larry Kudlow told reporters in Washington that he and Trump have "discussed" the ramifications of the President's tweets about oil. I'm not sure what that "discussion" entailed, but what I do know is that the ramifications of Trump's Monday tweet were pretty dramatic. Whatever relief the market might have gotten from Sunday's OPEC+ meeting (where delegates tipped possible production cuts to counter plunging prices) was negated entirely by the President's thinly-veiled threat. WTI was already nursing a record losing streak when, on Tuesday morning, the news got worse for oil bulls as OPEC's monthly report found the cartel projecting deteriorating demand for its crude in 2019. Ultimately, WTI settled more than 7% lower, for its worst day since September 1, 2015. It's bad, you guys - it's so bad."


I don't see any other columnist/contributor who hustles Stock Talks the way Heisenberg does. 

Thanks for looking into this, Abe

I'm not sure what's afoot, but I can access those links without being prompted to pay anything. And while I like Heisenberg, I'm not paying him anything. Can you please capture a screenshot of what you're seeing and send to me at george @ seekingalpha.com, and I'll investigate further from there. 



Annoying to say the least!!!!  I can live with the spamming though it greatly diminishes the quality of Stock Talks (in my opinion) but why the more egregious violation of terms? Here is the link to that  screen shot of  "Heisenberg Report" :


They all look like this to me. 

Here is the link to this particular spam post:



I finally hit a paywall too this morning, and it too inspired me to join the crusade. This link was stocktalked today https://heisenbergreport.com/2018/11/15/extreme-greeks-set-stage-for-insane-price-action-nomuras-mcelligott/ and I can only read this first paragraph. Link to stocktalk: https://seekingalpha.com/stocktalk/101415865

It's not an SA article, just his own paywalled article. 

Hmm.  The links all worked for me.   Firefox latest on Win10.   I disabled AdBlock and they still worked.