Under review

portfolio totally changed last week all my stocks disappeared.

roy boy 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 8

Will they come back or do I have to input all my stocks over again

Under review

I'm seeing stocks in 3 separate portfolios. Should there be more?

The #1 portfolio has totally changed none of my stock holdings are in there now.

Are you still seeing this issue? We made some site changes and it should be OK now.

Afraid not, I had about 23 actual positions now there are 12 different symbols but no positions. 


Do you use our mobile app and desktop website or only the website?

No on the app just the website

Thanks for getting back to us. We are taking this report very seriously, so we have another question. Our data shows you used our Android app on 11/18 and 11/24. Is it possible the stocks you now see on your website portfolio were once added to your Android app portfolio? 

Our current theory is that there may be some sync issue between the two platforms. 

I forgot I actually had the app on my phone as the portfolio has always just showed a blank page ????