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Ridiculous that one can't remove their blog posts

Sanjay John 2 years ago in Website updated by Michael S. Lipkin 2 years ago 4

Ridiculous that one can't remove their blog posts and have to go through your bureaucracy to get them removed. I know you have the same issue with comments, but that you won't let me remove MY OWN blog posts is really crazy. Ideally I must also be able to edit them, but the deletion by author should be a mandatory feature-please implement.

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You should be able to edit and delete your blog posts here: https://seekingalpha.com/account/authorboard/instablog

Ok thanks..could never find this link anywhere..please put button of delete next to the blog post. Or something like Manage Blog posts in the profile area..but I have no idea how to get to this page.
Please put it at the bottom part here

so it is clear how to manage/delete blogposts. Thanks
That's a good suggestion. Thanks