what does "Authors Pick" do?

Michael J. Bernard 4 years ago in Website updated by SA Abby Carmel 4 years ago 4

I see that I can click on the "Authors Pick" in my list of articles. What does this do?

Hi Michael - this will help selected articles stand out to readers, and will be showcased on the left sidebar of your profile page (in a category called Author's Picks). Any article accessed from there will not be placed behind the paywall. You can choose up to 5 such articles. For more on this, please go here.

One last question, I promise (for now) -- what does the little "Key" next to some of my articles (but not all of them) mean? It would look like it means there is a single stock focus of the article but this is not universal so I am slightly confused. Thanks in advance again!  MJB

It means that the article is now behind our PRO paywall. This applies to all articles with a focus ticker that have been live on the site for 10 days.