I am receiving a notice that I am no longer receiving emails?

meyermargu 5 years ago updated by scion 5 years ago 7

I am receiving this message as well. I have verified that my email is correct and working.

My emil address is correct.  I have received emails in the past but periodically they have stopped

I am receiving this message as well.  My email is correct, not being blocked by my email provider,  Something is definitely wrong on your end as this is fifth time this situation has happened since Dec 2017.  I keep resetting so I can receive my emails from you but no permanent fix.  Please fix the problem or send me detailed information so I can fix it.  Thank you.  Tom

Received the message

I am receiving the same email saying that I am no longer able to receive emails from Seeking Alpha.  My email address is correct.  Please try to rectify this problem.

Also got it each time I sign on.

Alerts have stopped.  I reset but got the same message several times tonight after resetting each time. I notice that my domain is aol.com and so is evemallardi's above.  Could this be a problem only affecting folks using aol.com?