Income investing

Philipsonh 2 months ago in Website updated 2 months ago 1

I wish that S.A. had a section for investors that want income ONLY. Often articles tout 'dividends' when the companies pay out 1,2,or 3% annually. My holdings all out 5% or more annually when purchased ( YOC ).

I have little interest in dividend growth or like products. There are many investors like me. Hope S>A> management can give it some thought.


I received to response to my initial post about 'income investing'. The average overall yield for my portfolio is over 7% with no holding that pays out uner 5%. I wish there was a separate section entitled ' INCOME INVESTING' so I could concentrate on that sector. I lmow there are others who invest the same as I do. Appreciate anyone reading this post agreeing or disgreeing.