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graph default view seems to be one year now. how to change back to 5 days?

rfm010 4 years ago in Website updated 4 years ago 12

as the header says, my graphs first show as one year now instead of 5 days.  i like the 5 day graph as default.  how do i get it back?

ha!  and why was i allowed to vote a "thumbs up" for my own topic?  mind you, it's a good topic, but perhaps i'm a bit biased?

yes, the charts are not showing the results for longer charts as well.. you have to go to advanced charts to see a 1yr result for example?? Bea

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Can you give an example stock where you can't see 1 year worth of data?

as the original poster here i wonder if there is an answer to my question?   i want the default graph to show the 5 day data as used to be the case.  i want that because i can see the hourly fluctuations for each day of the past week.  when i open a series of tabs to check my holdings i liked not having to click on each chart to get the 5 day chart.  i minor irritation perhaps, but so is paying what i'm paying for a sudden decline in quality of service.

this appears to be fixed now as far as viewing all data for all time periods ( the default view is 1yr)  thanx Bea

if the default view is one year then the topic of this thread is not fixed.   still waiting for a reply from SA.

Daniel, i would think that if an SA admin could take the time to reply to a comment within my thread then he could have the courtesy of replying to my original post.  but perhaps i am wrong?

thanks for nothing daniel.  you took the time to reply to beabaggage but you couldn't reply to the original post?  not a good way to treat a customer.

Daniel is in the middle of a 2 week vacation. Please don't take his lack of response personally.


i sort of do given that he took the time to respond to someone else. 


Hi rfm010,

So sorry for the delayed response. Based on user feedback and the fact we are focused on fundamental long-term investing, we changed the default chart duration to 1 year. We do realize that some users will want a different default and we plan to offer this as a setting in the near future.




thanks for your delayed response daniel.  must say i'm still a bit put off the way i was blown off while the commenter's question was promptly answered. 

so fine.  if the majority of people want the 1 year chart then go for it.  but a setting for changing the default view is a remarkably simple thing to add, so i hope that "the near future" means rather soon. 

in several of the chat rooms of the 6 authors i subscribe to people have made the same point that i am making.  every weekend i like to review my portfolio.  i open each stock page in a tab, go from tab to tab and there is the 5 day chart showing me what has happened.  until you started charging, and then convenience disappeared.  sometimes it seems you lose what you pay for.  clicking the 5 day icon may seem a simple thing but when you have to do it for every holding it becomes an unnecessary irritant.  as a paying customer i take unnecessary irritants as a personal affront.  this is a simple fix, hope to see it in the near future.