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msumak 4 years ago in Android App updated 3 years ago 3

Any chance you can add guidance in your earnings posts? The earnings are pretty much worthless without knowing that info

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We often do. But we'll try to do better. Can you give examples where we've missed the guidance?

I would say most of the time the guidance is not included in the original post sometimes the post gets updated and sometimes the editors create a new post with the guidance but at that point the user has to go into the PR to find the guidance.

Ideally it would like this in 1 post or some variation with the content 

---- Reports 45 Cents a share which is a 3 cent beat with Revenue 1.4B which is 100M more then consensus estimates

Guidance:  60-90 cents a share vs the 70 cent estimate and Revenues 1.45-1.60 B Vs the 1.5B estimate 


For CONNs today the post was updated 30 minutes after.  Ideally,m they could put the guidance in the original post at the same time.  In this scenario, the company didnt give actual numbers.  I will find one that does 

Q1 FY2019 Guidance: Same-store sales: -5% to -1%; Retail gross margin: 39.5% to 40%; SG&A expense rate: 32.5% to 33.5%; Provision for bad debts: $38.5M to $42.5M; Finance charges and other revenues: $88.5M to $92.5M; Interest expense : $15M to $16M.