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Any progress on being able to delete Stocktalks with an emoji in them? Thanks!

TACharts 4 years ago in Website updated 3 years ago 5
Under review

can u edit it and remove the emoji first?

Its someone else's comments that have emojis in them. I can't delete someone else's 

comment(s) directly, and I can't delete my post if anyone uses an emoji in a comment.


This should work now. Can you please try?

Tried a couple, and worked great! Thanks for your help! Now I can clean up and remove

some older posts. :o)

Having trouble deleting older posts again. :o(  I have myself as an author so I can see a listing of all posts. I can delete a few of the newer ones, but I cant go to older posts and 

1. pull up the chart included

2. delete the post

I have a number of older charts that no longer are applicable, and would like to delete. These are my own posts. 

Thanks for your attention!