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Notifications to email are not working today

HeritageNJ 4 years ago updated by meikoman 4 years ago 10

At least 4 have been sent but I have not received any. Others in chat are reporting the same issue.

same here..@all notification not working 

Under review

When's the last time it worked? I saw 5 messages from JD yesterday?

Anyway, we'll have someone look at this and get it fixed. And see if there's a larger underlying issue here

It was working fine till yesterday.. thanks for checking.

I'm Having the same problem, notifications worked fine yesterday and before, but none are coming through today from JD.


Happy to announce that this issue should now be resolved.

Please let us know if you encounter any additional issues. 



Hi - this was fixed yesterday but facing this issue again today.. atleast one other member on the forum has the same issue


still not working

Still not working for me either.  I have logged out.  Reset my preferences, but still not working and hasnt been for probably about a week.  Fix it please!

email alerts from JD hasn't worked for the last three days... tried a number of fixes and resets... Now I have chatroom messages forwarded to my email so that I don't miss any alerts.  That works on and off...