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Top News not updating.

David M. Gordon 5 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Aleksandra Eskova 5 years ago 5

Has not updated since market close yesterday. Other sections (for example, All News) do update.

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I cannot reproduce it on my device. Can you please compare mobile feed Top News with website version Top News? If its the same then its ok.

Thank you.

Website updates; iOS page does not update. Please see

Screen capture

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app -- to no change. SA has a transmission problem.

Do you use app on three iOS devices? 

Thank you.

Thank you but I give up. Although I am curious. WHY, when reporting a bug, is the default position, user error? A software bug is a bug. Sigh. I miss Selig Davis.

I am sorry for inconvenience caused by the issue. For sure it is a software bug, but as it wasn't discovered during automation and manual testing, I am trying to find an alternative scenarios and conditions when it could reproduce. If You will allow me, I can contact You personally to get more details. It will help solving a bug.

Thank you.