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Michael Wiggins De Oliveira 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 5 years ago 6

I'm not able to EDIT my profile. It used to be really easy before.

Under review

Hi Michael,

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. Thanks for reporting.

I would like to subscribe. My e-mail address is jjknyy2@gmail.com



The "Edit Profile" button should now be showing on you profile pages

As of 4/9/17 @ 8:46 am, EST, and after signing off - restarting computer - and signing back on, the "Edit Profile" button still does NOT show on my Profile page.

"Edit Profile" has reappeared. Thank you very much!

No problem. We fixed for authors before, but not users. Now we have corrected for both.