App crashing every time I open and tap on article on iPad

gator5000e 2 years ago in iPad updated 2 years ago 2

I’m on 3.10.15. The App crashes every time I open and tap on an article to read on iPad. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still happening. I’m running iOS 12.1.4. 

let me add that it takes a few seconds for the app to crash after opening an article. Usually 3-4 seconds. Guess I should have stayed with 3.10.14. Other than the keyboard covering the comments i was trying to type issue, it seemed to be stable. Anyway to go back to a prior version of the app?

PS - I’m adding these reports thru the app so it’s just crashing with the articles. 

Ok, second update. It seems the article titled Netflix: Do Not Overlook It’s Weaknesses by Grandation Capital itself may be the culprit. It’s the only article that crashes the app 3-4 seconds after it opens.