Not a bug

i still see Rita Morons articles even tho muted.

Cahnman 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

do something, I'm getting sick

same with Brat, keep seeing his crap also

mute does not work

Under review

Where are you seeing these articles? Please note that muting does not remove trending articles on the home page of muted authors. You can see the authors you have muted in the Settings section. 

I see the authors article headlines on your main page.  what's the use of muting if i keep seeing them on your main page.  I truly wish to not keep seeing anything from these 2 authors and never go to their pages. thanks

Not a bug

Hi - we do not plan on tailoring our main page per individual's requests. But you won't be going to their pages unless you click on their articles. 

so what's the point of a mute button and of course i won't be going to their pages unless i click on their articles, which is never.