I am unable to change my username.

pbshivji 3 years ago updated by anonymous 7 months ago 19

the pencil to edit my profile only shows up for my user picture and bio. It won't let me change my email address or user name.

same issues - seems to be greyed out.

Hi, I have the same issue. I can't change my username. Can you please change my username to Caroline. Thanks.

having the same issue. Any answer here.  Looks like the question was posted 4 months ago with no answer???

Under review


Can you please try this again?

Hi, I have the same issue I can't change my username. Can you please change my username to Caroline. Thanks.

Same.  As you can see, I'd really like to change my username.  Plz fix. 

no change. Still unable to click on the edit pencil in order to change profile name. 

Same here. I can change the description of my profile but not my username.

Hi Rahul,

I hope you're doing well. We could help you change your username. Please confirm the email id for which you need the change to be made and the new username that you would like your profile to have.


Surbhi Jain

Hello Surbhi, 

Could you please email me to assist me with changing my user name?  I do not want my email address to show up as my username.


i emailed my address. It is the same email I'd under which my SA account is registered.


I also am having difficulties changing my username. Please reach out and help me correct this issue ASAP.

Thank you

If you can, sed an email to the same account used to set up the SA account.

I have the same issue can't change email or password.


How can I change my username? I want to change it from current Artem Perminov to Value investor from Russia

I’d like to change my username to Anna please 

i also cannot change mine. it says "anonymous" and there is no option to change.