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Improvement suggestion for authors

Paul M. 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

I appreciate Seeking Alpha and what it does.  But many of the authors' articles are much too long.  I am an investment professional and don't have time to read/scan very long articles.  So, maybe you could change the format and require authors to put bullet point summaries at the beginning of their articles so the reader could see where the author is going with his analysis without having to wade through the entire article detail before getting to the point.

Under review

Thank you Paul for the feedback. Can you send me please some examples of articles that do not have a bullet point summary in the beginning?

Hi:  I don't have any at this minute as I generally don't save the articles.  I  just reviewed a few of today's articles and I do see that most articles have summaries at the top, but some, as I recall did not.  Many of the articles are very thorough; some too long to be fully read by me.   As a suggestion, maybe you could suggest/limit the length of articles in the way Twitter limits the number of characters.  Maybe it would make authors focus more thoroughly to make their articles shorter.  I am glad you reached out to me regarding my comment.  It was meant to be constructive to aid people get through the articles easier and faster.