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Can't disable vibration for notifications

polytekpatrick 3 years ago in Android App updated by pdishy 2 years ago 8

I can't seem to disable vibration for notifications.

There seems to be a setting for this (toggles icon between a phone and a phone with vibration waves), but I tried both and neither mode actually disables the vibration.

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I disable it in SA app - Notifications - Settings - "Phone-looking" icon on the top - with "waves" - no vibration and it works for me. Can you please tell me your phone model?

Thank you.


I have a Google Pixel 2 XL.

I ended up disabling the app's notification channel entirely in the Android settings, but that's not a good solution.

Hi Aleksandra,

any updates on this issue?!



I have the same issue. Waves or no waves it still vibrates. But thanks for fixing the push notifications!


This is so annoying. I have the same issue. The phone vibrates like crazy whenever this app has any alerts even though it's turned off. Anyone know how to solve this?


any updates/ETA on this? Still having inability to turn off vibrate. 

uninstalling and reinstalling fixed double notification issue but still can't disable the vibrations. 

same problems here.  Samsung Galaxy S10.  I'd rather not have to disable notifications entirely so please address this vibrate notification issue.