Information wrong of YY stock

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the eps is 7.38 and not around 4. Your information is wrong you mix 1) share data with ADS data so your market cap is incorrect 2) your eps is incorrect. For all companies you have the non-gaap eps. For YY this is not the case: the 2018 eps is $7.38 per ADS (you have 3.87, which is not the eps per ADS non-gaap, you took or the number of shares which is wrong as this is a ADS and/or you used the gaap eps, which should be the non-gaap.

The right market cap is $5.6B (after the latest emision of shares to pay acquisition Bigo) instead of $6.5B (ask the company investor relations). And the eps is 7.38 for 2018 and 2019 is est 6.84. See Yahoo Finance and Zacks !

number of ADS was 63.5 milllion ADS, which is now 75 billion. Market cap 5.9B.

PE ratio is 11 (11x eps non gaap 2018 being 7.38)

Alpha get your data right !!!

Under review


Which data source are you comparing our data to?


please read the earnings report of March 5 2019 it says literally how many ADS outstanding and that non-gaap eps was not 4 dollars in 2018 but 7.38. The number of ADS you could read already in rhe November 2018 earnings report (63.5 million). So market cap was $4.9-5.0 billion. With the acquisition of Bigo (read March 5 2019 earnings report: $1.0 billion ADS shares will be created to pay the founder of Bigo. So the number of ADS goes to 75 million x 79 dollars is 5.9 billion market cap instead of 6.5B. Earnings per share non-gaap is every quarter around 1.75 to 1.88. 2018 ended 7.38 per share not 4 dollars per ADS !! Estimate of all analyst for 2019 are 6.80-7.00 as YY increased the number of ADS by 18–19%. Before this share issuance the eps 2019 was estimated 8.20-8.30


We will look into this. In the meantime:

Yahoo finance has a market cap of 6.34B, trailing EPS of 4.04.

Our EPS estimates are as follows and are sourced from Capital IQ estimates:

Trailing EPS from Capital IQ is 3.69:

trail PE should be 11 not 21 as your eps is completely wrong. See Zacks : they understand and have the right data. PE is 11 on Zacks as 11x eps 7.38 is 80 as a stock price


Do you see Yahoo Finance has a PE (TTM) of 19.38 ?


Hi - indeed we are using GAAP earnings estimates, not non-GAAP, hence the discrepancy. Regarding market cap: our data provider indicates there are 81.81 shares outstanding * $82.72 Friday's closing price.