I can't "follow" authors, as the area is greyed out.

mountainguy2 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 8
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HI, is it still happening for you?

If yes, could you please tell us is that web version of SA or mobile app? what OS and browser are you using? A screenshot is also will be helpful.

Thank you in advance.


yes, it is, and thanks for the reply.  I'm using Windows 7, Firefox.  Not sure what web version of SA, but tell me where to find it and I'll send back.

here's a screen shot using B Fletcher as an example:


Unfortunately, I still can't reproduce your issues, could please tell me the version of your Firefox browser. For that, you need to click the menu button, click Help and select About Firefox.

hi Kateryna
thanks again for your help.
Here's what Firefox tells me:
Firefox Quantum 65.0.2 (64 bit)
Is that all you need? As far as I know, my programs are set to update automatically.
thanks again

One more question, we cannot reproduce the issues as it is.

Could it be that you have an active Ad blocker? Some of them might cause issues with buttons.

yes, I have an adblocker.  Can you advise how to disable it only for this site?  Or is that even possible?


Hi - Seeking Alpha's functionality does not work properly with ad-blockers enabled. Every ad blocker allows one to list specific sites as exceptions.

thanks team, that worked.  I've now disabled the ad blocker for this site.