iPad iOS9 quotes still autonot updating, only with manual refresh

tgwtom 2 years ago in iPad updated 2 years ago 6

3/22/19 Problem persists. 

Under review

Thanks - we looking into it.

3/25/19 Problem remains, I appreciate that you are investigating the issue.  Tom

3/26/19 Problem continues.   Tom.


Hi Tom. We don't support IOS9 on iPad anymore. We are however developing a new mobile experience that will fix this on older iPads. This will however take time. In the meantime suggest you browse to the site via Safari. Quotes should refresh there.

Hi Amital. I understand your explanation regarding ios9. However I have not been using the app. I actually access the site via Safari where I experience this problem.Sorry I wasn't clear on that point. I'll try and continue to give you feedback until functionality is restored.  Tom.