dividend data info on Portfolio data page is misleadingly incomplete

RichardB99 4 years ago in Website updated 4 years ago 4

For instance the dividend data for JRS shows 0.81. This is correct for the TTM amount but the current distribution is 0.19 / quarter which would be 0.76 for the next 12 month. It'd be far more useful to have both the TTM value and the current (most recent) distribution amount in the table.



For most stocks we do indeed show the forward dividend rate which is based on the most recent distribution. However, with ETFs and other funds, they tend to pay uneven distributions so extrapolating a forward rate based on the most recent payment can be very error prone. JRS happens to be a fund which pays more consistently. However, look at a fund like SPY which is more typical of ETFs:


Thanks for the reply. You bring up a good point which is why I'd like to see both the TTM value as well as the most recent distribution amount. That amount is shown on the dividend scorecard but it'd be useful to have it on the Portfolio data page as well for more complete information in one place.

Got it. So you would like the most recent payout amount, not the forward annual payout amount. We could do that. Will look into adding that. Thanks for your feedback.