Under review

Hi - we don't see any issues on our end. The most recent email we sent you was this one:


That may be because I clicked the "reactivate" email" button when I went direct to the SA site.  I will save this email and if it happens again I will let you know so you can investigate when it is inoperative.

Seeking Alpha has again stopped sending me emails.  I have not clicked the "start sending me emails again" on the SA site so you can research why this continues to happen about every month?!  Help!  

Please advise.

BJD76, we stopped sending email to you about a week ago after you marked one of them as spam. Please just be cautious about how you handle email - you can manage your email alerts here if you'd like to unsubscribe from anything: https://seekingalpha.com/account/user_settings

You should start getting emails again, we've turned them back on.

I'm still not getting any seeking alpha emails...

Please search for emails from:account@seekingalpha.com in your email, we have sent out over 20 since yesterday, according to the tracking on our end. They may be getting filtered improperly.