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Keep betting emails from SA even though I'm 100% unsubscribed - An intentional issue?

zerochaos 4 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Amitai Richman 4 years ago 1

I've unsubscribed from all emails.   i just got anotherSA daily type of email.   When I clicked unsubscribe in the email body, it popped into an SA screen that says I'm unsubscribed from all emails.   I do NOT want ANY SA emails.   SA, please fix this and stop the unsolicited spam.  I've made the requests more than once through your system settings.  Thanks.


  • There are currently no email subscriptions for xxxxx@gmail.com
Under review

Hi - indeed you seem to be unsubscribed to all emails. If you receive something from us again please post a screenshot here and we'll try to fix it. Thanks