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do you report facts with integrity or do you just throw your ideas out there potentially effecting finanacial condition of your readers without concern? I guess I am asking if you are a reputable source of information for investors? RE: Teum

anonymous 2 years ago in Marketplace updated by SA Editor Daniel Shvartsman 2 years ago 1

You have had 3 articles about TEUM.  One with concerns about Teums's backlog. the next taking back your concerns, and the third which had an immature I WAS RIGHT tone bashing a little harder and indicating corruption.  Will you put these articles out  - slandering companies - without regard for traders.  Or should I heed your presentation of information and thank you.  I do not only read your articles but they have been severely alarming.  Maybe |I will thank you one day or be involved in a class action  against you.

Under review

Thanks for the message. We have a dispute process if you feel that any articles are making factual errors. The articles are opinion and analysis, but if there is a factual error, we have that review process. You can read it here and file a dispute if you see anything out of order. Please provide support for the issue being in error.