Navigation to New comments stopped working

Doctor Mike 3 years ago in Website updated by Timmy41 3 years ago 14 3 duplicates

Comments no longer are marked new, so it's impossible to navigate to the new ones only.

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You mean these ?   I see them.

Please paste the link from your browser address that is not working.

Jacob, it's not fixed!  When one clicks on the "x comments" link in an email received with subject "Conversations you are following" (daily), and one then goes to right above the enter a new comment box, there used to be a "new comments" link (i.e. go to new comments") and that is gone.  Also thus gone are the New and Prev|Next in orange.


SA sent me a list of half a dozen updated articles for large, commonly owned stocks this morning.  Not one of them showed the orange "New" tags or "Next".  Here is a link to one of them which your email said contains 3 new comments.


I would note that within this forum I do see the orange tags I'm missing in the stocks.



Should I be able to see replys to my comments somewhere?

Under review


We have identified the issue and are working on a fix.





Tomorrow's email should be working. Please let us know.


This feature has stopped working for me, too.  The email link to to new comments now just takes me to the head of the article.  No longer shows new comments with tracks to "next" and "previous" in orange font.


I'm the OP here, and it is still not fixed for me. I recall that the links used to have v=[some large number] at the end, which took me to the first new comment. Now I get what @DeepThought43 gets, with a v=0 at the end, and no indication as to which comments might be new.

The link is still missing.  The "New Comments" link that should be next to "Comments" that heads the comments section (and Reply box) is still missing (fourth day now I believe).

The links should be fixed in tomorrow's email. Let us know. In addition, you can also get the new comment notifications using the notifications icon in the main navigation menu.


Daniel, it's back to working with this morning's "There are new comments for you on SA" daily email... both the "x new" in orange and the "previous | next" in orange at each post.

Now, what can we do to put some logic back into how this works.  With each new page load (clicking on each "x comment" line link in each's daily email) the page renders mid-screen - not at the "x new" by the comment box.  The comments are loaded in reverse logic by default (newest at top, not chronologically oldest at top), so one needs to manually scroll up to that drop down box to re-sort and then re-scroll (using "x new" hyperlink) to get to where one can "catch up read" in logical/chronological order. 

Can you change default to oldest-to-newest default sort, or allow each subscriber to set their own global default (so we don't have to resort with every new page load)? 

Thx for the first fix!

When searching for new comments, you used to be able to browse "new |".  It looks like SA took out the "|" behind new.