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How to receive Windows 10 notifications immediately?

dos13 4 years ago in Website updated 4 years ago 5

I supposedly have "real-time" alerts enabled in my User Settings. My mobile notifications work fine and are instant. However, my Windows 10 PC gets notification popups (in bottom right) only every evening, hours after regular market hours. 

How can I receive Windows 10 notifications on my Desktop PC immediately after they come out, same as on my mobile? 

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Are you using Google Chrome notifications?

So example today: at 4:35 Mountain time (just now), I received about 25 Chrome notifications here on Windows 10 PC. These notifications came out (and showed up on my mobile phone) hours ago. How can I have them show up on my desktop PC as soon as they come out and not hours later?

Hi dos13,   Since your are the only user who reported the issue (so far), I think it might be somehow connected to your local setup.

I removed your push notifications tokens (you had 2) from our  side.  Please remove your push notification config from chrome (dont block it) and remove sa cookies by running seekingalpha.com/clean URL on your browser.

Check and see if there is an update to chrome and install it.  

If you are already on the latest chrome, restart your computer (in order to kill all running instances of chrome) Then log in to SA again,  It should prompt you to receive push notifications, click allow and lets see if this  resetting fixed the problem.  If not, it may be related to an add-on you installed in chrome.  Let me know what happens.


Jacob, I appreciate your time and effort in helping me.

After following your recommendations, I found that the button to enable/disable notifications in SA User Settings became unclickable (while the same 'checkbox' type buttons right next to it were fine). So clearly something odd was going on.

I did some searching in Chrome options and tried a reset to defaults (which also disables extensions). After this, the button became clickable again and I received the popup prompt asking me if I want to allow these push notifications.

Let's see if the timing of those notifications is fixed now... Will report in later today.