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Lazard dividend discrepancy?

DLS4 3 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 3 years ago 6

Your dividend history page for Lazard (LAZ) seems to be understating the dividends paid through May of 2019.  It shows 2 payments totaling 65.4 cents.  I double-checked on the Lazard investor relations website at https://lazardltd.gcs-web.com/stock-information/dividend-history and they show 3 payments through May of 2019 totaling $1.41. The higher payout makes the yield much higher also. Lazard generally pays 4 quarterly dividends plus a special dividend in Q1. Thanks

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We do seem to be missing the special dividend in 2019. We will get this added ASAP. However, keep in mind that special dividends do not contribute to the yield. 



It's not just that there is one of the three dividends is missing - the dollar amount of the last dividend  also appears to be much too low. Please check the Lazard website for the actual dividend amounts paid this year. Thank you for fixing this - I really appreciate being able to find data on companies quickly on your website. Regards, Dana

Got it. I see the issues. Will hopefully have this updated ASAP.

the new dividend rate is .47 per quarter, the annual dividend should be shown as 1.88

still no update...what's the holdup?

For some reason, our data provider still has not fixed this issue. We are following up with them again.