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Notification updates not reflecting in the alert

ann.jms.harlan 3 years ago in Android App updated by Maya Natan 3 years ago 2 1 duplicate

Also clear all notifications using trash can icon does not result in any notifications being deleted in the app.  If I individually delete some notifications (or do nothing), the alert maintains the prior list (for days and days).  If I individually delete all my notifications in the app, the next time the Android alert pops up it shows the new notifications, but then continues to show the same list of story headlines each time the alert pops up until I again manually clear the notification list in the app.  This has been ongoing for over a month.

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having same or similar problem.  I get alerts, but rarely a new notification in the list.  I posted it 2 weeks ago.  Probably result of update. No replies.  No response from developer. Thinking of putting neg feedback in play store

Under review

Thank you for reporting.We are working on a fix for the notifications bug.

Please update the app as soon as a new version will be released.