Improper Price Range of Stocks

allisondbl 4 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 4 years ago 1

For the second time recently I was on a stock's chart and the high given for its 52 week range was WOEFULLY off. $DUK's 52 week high is given as $150.78 which is nearly DOUBLE the actual high you see when you run the chart, whether you use a one year or a five year time frame, it never crosses $90. This is at best distracting and at worst devastating when you might believe you missed an outsize profit by holding post a huge runup. I don't remember in which other stock I noticed this occurring, but again it was a VERY off high. This needs to be corrected.  Thanks  allisondbl




Thanks for reporting this. There was an issue with our data provider which has since been rectified.