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Site keeps running scripts?

Honeycomb888 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 4 years ago 3

In the last couple of days, SA site has continued to "run" and "load" long after it has loaded, refusing to stop, even if I click on the X in Chrome to stop it. It stops, then continues running. I assume it's scripts. No other site I access does this, and I access a lot of sites. Yes, I've rebooted. No change. What's up? Did you change something recently?

Under review


First, I wanted to apologize for the issues you are encountering. We take these sorts of user complaints very seriously - and are concerned that there are likely users experiencing the same issues. Would you be available to do a screenshare with 2 of our developers? This would allow us to get to the bottom of any issues you're experiencing. 



constant alert  that page not responding due to long running script   this happening on many articles 

Hi, if you could please provide the page URL and a screencap showing the error, we'll investigate. Apologies for the bad UX.