Password problems

SkipHill 1 year ago updated by SA Kateryna Kovrizhenko 1 year ago 7

It doesn't recognize my existing one, which I did not change, and won't let me set a new one. I can't even login to delete it so I could setup a new account with the same password. Not what I want to be doing, wasting an hour just trying to login. With investment advice from a hundred sources, this just needs to work, or you need a way I can get help. 

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Hi, have you tried "Forgot your password?" option? Or do you have issues with it? If so please tell us what exactly the problem,

SA, thanks for your reply, it's appreciated. I have tried the Forgot password, which triggers the SMS message for two step authorization. But I never get the SMS message. Perhaps my phone number is incorrect but I can't find a way to change that without being able to get the SMS message. Maybe the easiest fix would be to turn off 2 step so I can get a new password and go from there.

oops, I may be cross posting my problems. My real problem is that I can't get LastPass to work. Sorry to bother you with this. I'll probably just create a new Seeking Alpha account for now. 

But can you login into your email account? I can reset for you the password and send the new one to your email adrdess.

Please do that. I got LastPass fixed, and now when I try the reset password link I get in an email from Seeking Alpha, somehow it automatically fills in the password and I don't get to see it. LastPass doesn't seem to recognize the change so it's not captured.

If you can change it an email that to me it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your attention and assistence.


Please check your email  - there should be an email from me with instruction.

Happy to help.