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Is the dividend yield of PHK:NYSE wrong ?

ren910 3 years ago in Website updated 3 years ago 5

The Annual Payout(TTM) should be 0.0613 * 12 = 0.7356 but the website shows 0.89

Dividend yield should be 0.7356 / 8.02 = 9.17% but the website shows 11.10%

Do I have some mistakes or this is a bug ?

Sorry for my English I am foreign investor from Taiwan.

And the dividend yield of PHK from Interactive Brokers shows 9.2%

from CEFconnect.com shows 9.19%

They are all different with seeking alpha's data

Can anyone tell me what's wrong please

Please delete this thread I figured it out already. This is not bug

Under review

No problem. Curious to hear what the discrepancy was.

what the difference between Seeking Alpha and other platforms(CEFconnect, IB) are

using the latest dividend multiply with 12 then divide the latest market price.

In this example: 0.0613 * 12 / 8.01 = 9.19%


Sum up with the last 12 months' dividend and then divide the lastest  market price, which is the way Seeking Alpha calculate in.

In this example: (0.0807 * 8 + 0.0613 * 4) / 8.01 = 11%

I hope you can understand my broken English.