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What's wrong with the stock charts? Not working, last 2 days.

prudent 576 4 years ago in Website updated by SA Jacob Maltz 4 years ago 10



We are working on fixing this, sorry for the inconvenience.

Under review


Are you using any sort of browser extension which blocks scripts?

I am having the same problem w the chart today, not yesterday? and now the Search box is blacked out and I can't search a ticker or author?? Bea

beabaggage- please post a screenshot or some more information such as your browser version and OS. Thanks!

I experience this behavior only when attempting to view an "analysis & news" stock page using safari on my ipad. The chart will load from left to right as it would normally, but once the graph is fully complete the vertical axis changes slightly (say going from a range of 20-40 a share to 15-40 a share) and the line graph that was just completed gets cleared away. 

Graphs were working fine on the safari platform until about 2 days ago. 

Thanks! We will look into this ASAP.


After clicking on a portfolio stock - Stock chart appears for an instant and then disappears.  Will not appear again when clicking on various time frames.  Placing cursor over chart area shows pricing during the chart period but no chart lines are visible.

Awaiting Customer Reply

Thanks, I think it is the same issue reported above.  

I was able to reproduce on IE 11.  We will look into it.

yes, still happening, if you get into Advanced Charts, they are working fine, just the main display chart- the graphs disappear. I am using IE11   (The issue I had yesterday with the search box being blacked out has apparently been resolved) Bea

I am having a similar problem with the regular stock charts, but observe also that the ADVANCED CHARTS continue to load and work normally.  The glitch with the regular stock charts started happening a few days ago, and for no apparent reason.  I have not changed anything on my MacBook Pro or my software.  I am using Safari 11.1.  This is what a chart looks like after the page loads.  I appreciate any assistance, thanks!


We are working on fixing this, sorry for the inconvenience.