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https://seekingalpha.com/symbol/XUTGX?s=xutgx this link is incorrect, it is not the stock of Reaves Utility Fund but the net asset value of the fund which is 35.43

The symbol for the ETF itself is UTG  and that is what is 35.95

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All other sites (Yahoo, Bloomberg etc.. ) are showing UTG priced at 36.00 as we are. 

the symbol XUTGX is the net asset value of the fund which is currently 35.43,,,,,You are correct that the closing price of the Fund itself was 36.oo...but there is a difference between the net asset value and the closing price of the ETF.



UTG is a closed-end fund - not an ETF - which means it almost certainly trades at a discount or premium to its NAV. Which explains the discrepancy here

you are correct and that is the point i'm making...…….xutgx symbol is the net asset value, which is currently 35.43

If you click the seeking alpha symbol for XUTGX it says 36.00 which is wrong...…….   what is 36.00 is the symbol for the ETF which is UTG