Over censorship?

Capt Jack Daniels 1 year ago in Website updated by Jamie Sampson 1 month ago 6

Apparently I  cannot  edit my profile  to be critical  of   ridiculous over censorship  on  SA
I'm  on  some sort of  SA  Moderator  approval  before any of my comments get posted and even then
after some get posted  I  have some different moderator deleting  comments  that were scrutinized and approved for posting?  WOW. 


Apparently someone fixed it  for now?  But the question still stands  if  one moderator approves  a  comment and posts it?  why then do I have a different  moderator stepping on my and another  toes by removing  comments  that aren't  bad?  It  is  like  having to ask  to use the rest room and then when I get to the bathroom having some other adult  tell me that I have to leave my zipper up?  ridiculous at best.

@Capt Jack Daniels you are not alone. I just had a very benign comment that failed to post and am unsure why. I challenged an author who had reported a number incorrectly, though given the author it was likely done purposefully. My comments were respectful with only a small hint of sarcasm and certainly not profane or antagonistic. Yet, the comment was not allowed to be posted...and the author quickly correct his erroneous post. At the very least I think someone should inform me as to why. I love SA, but, I love it a bit less today than I did yesterday!


Join the Club!

Seeking Alpha is a haven for short-sellers that constantly post lies and misinformation.

When you "call" people on their posts.... SA flags you.

There's ZERO accountability here.


Their latest  email  is  asking for me to send in my id  and other identifying  documents just in order to be able to post blogs?  Really?  FB  did that and after  I  confirmed my identity  they never unlocked my account.  I fear  the same types who are blatantly censoring are among the  S  A   overlords  who  seem to make determinations without any rhyme or reason.


SA is manipulative trash. I got so tired of the manipulators and comment censorship that I deleted the app off my phone. 

Ahhhh, now I understand why my benign but author-challenging comments seem to disappear into the ether.  So not only are they wasting my time with these garbage bear articles, but they waste my time in the comments protecting their narratives.  Just wow.