Orange color for new posts and Essential authors is confusing

SWinCA 2 years ago in Website updated by AlieGee 2 years ago 8

It is very handy to quickly scroll through articles with lots of posts to find the handful of new posts. However, your putting an orange banner for the Essential authors makes this much more difficult than it needs to be. Please consider a different color for one of the two notices. Thank you.


Thank you for your suggestion. We will be be fixing this in the near future. 

Yes quite confusing and it proves nothing - - What is the benefit of showing it ?


Yes!  I was going to start a forum on this same issue!  Drives me crazy!!!  Please, CTO, change the color of one of the tags to green or purple. Or gray for the essential tag.  The "new" tag should stand out for easy navigation!!!!!!!!!!


I don't see any benefit showing who paid for what....It proves nothing...Other than to make those

who are not payers feel cheap ? 

Also, folks, don't forget to upvote this forum.

When is this getting fixed?  It has been over a month for a minor code change that shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Please guys change the orange to a  color that doesn't conflict with the "new" post flag.


Hi Abe,

The team responsible for this informed me that this is part of a larger rebranding and will be live in the coming weeks. Apologies for the delay.

Dan - If showing what someone subscribed to has a purpose, then OK...But I see no purpose

at all in showing a subscription status..  How about those who subscribe and don't want anything

to be shown ?