Notification previews are not updating anymore

sac16 3 years ago in Android App updated by Kesler 3 years ago 3

Starting a few weeks ago, the drop down from the preview notifications no longer update with the latest stories from my symbols that I'm watching.  It still has the same updates from a couple weeks ago. 

Yes, please fix this...it's been like 2 months now...maybe more...I've tried signing out/uninstalling/reinstalling several times...nothing has worked yet

mine had been doing the same things. Always oldest ones visible and very slow. I uninstalled app, found the previous version (4.15.8 i think) and turned off auto app updating. Works great now and not as much lagging.


Notifications have been broken for a long time. I used to not get them at all. Now it's just the oldest feed that shows not the newest.