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Create New Instablog Link

MTRIG 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 5 years ago 1

When I look for the link to write a new instablog it seems it takes me 10 minutes to find it. I go to Profile > Instablog but there is no link, then I look around more and more.

Finally I click one of my older Instablogs, and I see a link there to create a new one. It seems if I did not have an existing instablog post there would be no link.

Please place a link to the Create Instablog somewhere that is more visable / useable or let me know where this feature exists other than on clicking on an old post.

Under review


Thanks for the feedback. We will look into adding a more prominent "Create Instablog" button. If we start working on it we will update this thread.