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Captcha crap not possible to pass

NecessityMadeMeDividendInvesto 3 years ago in Website updated by ed2337 2 years ago 2

Captcha crap not possible to pass !!!

I wanted to write my first article for SA, but after 5 minuted, yes 5 minutes!!!! trying to pass that crapy reCaptcha I gave up...

Even to write this post I had to pass 4, four!!! captcha checks... just aweful, get rid of that crap!!!

Thank you.

Under review


Our records show you are not running Javascript in your browser. Does this make sense?

F**k off. Either you are running a service that shows me adds and full page covers that require me to be constantly be reminded that you want me to upgrade to your premium service or go to h**L and I will stick with Yahoo.