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Users I have muted show on my Profile page StockTalks.

Perkins Cove 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 5 years ago 7

This is inconsistent with the main StockTalk page where only the word "muted" appears. The reason I have muted them is so I do NOT have to see them. SA gave us the mute button so that we can control what we consider to be "noise", and it should function on both pages.

Under review

We're looking into this now. Please hang with us. Thanks!

Hi Perkins, what is the URL of the page this issue is occurring on? Is it the My Feed page (https://seekingalpha.com/account/my-feed)

I'm not seeing this issue on the Profile page


As an example, I have temporarily muted IndyPEG on the Portfolio page StockTalks, yet he appears on my Profile page StockTalk above. The mute should be on both pages, IMO.

JL, I did not mean to indicate that this was a recent issue. This has always been the case that "muted" users on Portfolio page StockTalks show up on Profile page Stocktalks. My point is they really shouldn't.

Yep - I'd tend to agree that muting should be on STs across the site - and not just on the main ST page. 

That said, we are going to be focusing on other things in the near term. But we will keep your suggestions in mind when we do touch STs again.

Thanks a lot for all of your help the last few days!


In addition, we should be able to mute a user on the Profile page StockTalks. As it is now, a user can only be muted on the Portfolio page StockTalks, but NOT on the Profile page StockTalks. I hope you folks will be working on site wide mute functionality soon. TIA.

Thanks for the additional feedback Perkins - it is always appreciated. I'm not yet sure when we'll be making additional improvements to StockTalks.