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"Commented on...." floods StockTalks.

Perkins Cove 4 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 4 years ago 4

"Commented on..." such and such article is being auto-posted to StockTalks, and can't be shut off. These comments are not pertaining to stocks in my portfolio and are useless to me. Also, the high volume of these robo posts are triggering too quick refreshes of the new StockTalks page, making typing of posts and replies difficult. Please remove them, or allow us to control them in some way.

Bad idea SA... aweful idea... reading and writing on Stolktalk page was hard as is. Why would anyone care about random people commenting on random article? Please dont try to jam reading articles down our throat for the sake of generating clicks. This is a bad move. There are enough news and articles elswhere on every other page on SA. We can and do click on the ones we're interested.

Please stop fixing what is not broken. I feel like i have to say that every month or two for the unnecessary changes that hit the site....please dont let the good things you guys do br erased by random changes that are not thought through.

Here are a few posts that show that I and the person above here are not the only one complaining about this...remember, not every annoyed user is going to make it here and register a complaint.



SA, please do not add "posts" from random articles to the "Stock Talk" portion. It jams the information for which I am looking and depend on with unwanted readings. Thank you.

Under review

Hi guys,

This is an issue on the code on our end - we're working to resolve it. You are correct that it is not the correct user experience. Apologies for the issue cropping up in the first place.


This should be fixed now. Please confirm this is now working properly. And thanks again for your quick and persistent bug reports - we have a fairly small tech team and rely on you guys to help us get these things right - and fix any issues immediately!