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My Portfolio can only be read half-way down.

D3602 5 years ago updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 5 years ago 9
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Is this issue still happening?

If so, can you please explain a bit more about which portfolio tab it's happening on and what happens when you get half way down the page.


Say Jon:  I enter the page thru the Premarket Summary e-mail-add or remove stocks.   When I enter the page I get portfolio 1 which is on the bottom of my portfolios, but after reviewing and clicking to get the full list (about 15 or so) I get the top half. I can't use the scroll next to the list of portfolios but  I can scroll the articles on the far right side of the page.  This started Mon 6/19.  Also, the icon to click to get the portfolios was changed.  It was on he far right and is now next to the portfolio name.  I tried Google to get to the site - same result.  Good Luck!   Doug

Jon:  Addendum.  I just clicked on an e-mail article and saw my portfolio 1 to the left.  The v shaped icon was on the far right of the portfolio name and I could get to all my portfolios.  So at least I can see them.  I can scroll thru the list of portfolios -  the other list doesn't move and the scrolling bar is smaller.  D

I'm having a bit of trouble visualizing the issue here. Can you attach a screenshot of the portfolio page that is still not working?

Apologies for the continuing issues here.


Jon: Here is the url from the e-mail.  Click on " Add or Remove Stocks".   U will get Portfolio 1.  I can view that one.  Next, on top, u will c Portfolio 1 v.  Clicking the "v" will get more portfolios ( half ).  I can't use the scroll on the right of that list to go down.  However, when I open another e-mail for company info, there is portfolio 1 on the left 

side of the page ( but the " v " is further to the right edge of the column) or 1. Portfolio 1 v and 2. Portfolio 1.........v.

In # 2 the " v " is over the a-z box.  I have access to everything with the  # 2.  Only half with # 1.  Hope this helps. Doug


Jon: Scroll down a little.  Here is the other page and u can c the difference once u click the " v " on each one.  D

Doug, The portfolio scrolling issue should now be fixed.

Please confirm it's working and have a great weekend!

Jon: It Works!!!  Thanks for your help.  Doug