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Safari will not load the SA website.

Cell Block 1138 3 years ago in Website updated by nealadavis 2 years ago 18
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Dear User,

Thank you for the report!
Could you please describe your environment (OS/Safari versions) and some applications that could impact your network settings like VNP.
Have you tried to use different network connections on attempt to reach our website?
Is the whole site is unavailable or only some of our pages?


The entire site will not load. No VPN. Safari 13.0. MacBook Pro OS 10.13.6. When I use Firefox the site loads. It also loads on iPhone and iPad. It may be the Safari update - I updated Safari a day or two ago and the site hasn't worked since. Thank you.


Have you tried to use Private mode in Safari? It might help...
Can't see other options that might help and seems like it's a single case for now.
Our team tried to reproduce it via different approaches, but it works fine via latest Safari.

Thank you.

OK. Sounds like it's just me. Thanks.

Saw new update for Safari - 13.0.1
Hope it might help you

similar problem here, using Safari on my iPad.  If I leave SA, I often can’t toggle back to the site.  If I simply wait, I get an error message that the connection to the server was lost.  This happens several times a day, and has for perhaps two weeks now.  If I do a hard shutdown, I’m able to reconnect for awhile...until it happens again.  I don’t have this issue with any other site.  Thanks for any ideas!

Thanks for the report!
Have you tried to use different network connections or an issue happens using single network connection?
Also you may try to use Private mode in your browser, that might help.
Last version of your browser might fix that issue.

Just installed 13.1.  I’ll see if it helps and update you in a few days.

thanks, @Dmytro.  I’ll try updating my browser and see if that helps.

Thanks guys for the conversation(s) Good to know! 


Running 13.1.1 with no issues now.  I access SA through my favorites, not the app.



We changed some setting on our end. Please let us know if this issue persists. 


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha

The site won't load on my IMAC using safari but does load on my IPAD using safari?  Recenly upgraded IMAC to Catalina (bid mistake, another story) so not sure if that is it?  It will load on my IMAC using chrome.

I have the same problem on IMac desktop since "upgrading" to Cataline (terrible product).  Can't open the links to the articles.

SA stopped loading on my iMac Safari as of today. 

SA loads irregularly on my MacBook Pro using Safari. I'll be shut out for a couple of days with a message that a server connection can't be established. The next day it might--or might not--be working. Very frustrating, especially since I'm paying $239 annually for a site that is unavailable much of the time. 

Safari freezes for quite some time probably 30 to 60 seconds then reloads, and repeats. iMac with Safari 3.1.2 on MacOS 10.13.6