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Muted users are showing unless page manually refreshed.

Perkins Cove 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 5 years ago 2

For 1 week after the latest upgrade muted users would show up on the Portfolio page Stocktalks as "muted", without having to manually refresh the page. This is the correct way, IMO. Starting today ,6/26/17, muted user posts are showing as if not muted, i.e., full post, and do not become"muted" until one manually refreshes the page. (This was the way it was before the recent upgrade.). Not sure if a "bug" or not, but I really think that users we have muted should not show at all, and having to manually refresh the page to turn them into "muted" should not be necessary. TIA

Btw, this issue is occurring on both IE and Chrome.

Under review

Hi Perkins,

Thanks again for bringing these issues to our attention. We really need to do a larger rethink around StockTalks, which this functionality will certainly be part of.